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Food Photos
Restaurants and chefs who want to display their artist food creations, can do so by hiring a DPNs photographer to photograph your food presentation. We understand that food photos need to be versatile so that they can be used in a magazine, a cook book, or a menu. We at DPNs know how important it is for food to look appealing to customers and we strive to produce appetizing pictures.

Product Product Catalog Photos
A DPNs photographer can help your company market any product. If you need photos of one or more products for a catalog or for the Internet we can help. We can take individual photos, group shots and 360° degree VR shots of your product. We strive to produce photos that reduce product vagueness and increase sales.

What to expect?
You can send us your products or if you are in our area we can come to you. You can proof your product shots online and we can send you a CD with high and low resolution files which include thumbnail images. You have the option of having your products photographed on a standard white, gray, or black background or you can request a more artistic arrangement for a more commercial photo. There is an additional charge for background removal or photo retouching.

Packages & Pricing
NOTE: A setup fee of $150 is not included in packages, images are provided on a single CD or DVD.
(Which ever can hold the images)
Product Catalog Packages

High resolution image - up to 4 x 6
Standard background - white, gray, black
$10 per each additional CD or DVD
Plus $150 Setup fee

1 - 20 products = $10.00/image
21 - 40 products = $8.00/image
41 - 100 products =$6.00/image
101 and more products =$5.00/image

Additional Services

Background removal /Retouching= $15 per image
Conversion from RGB to CMYK = $10.00 per image
Raw tiff images = image fee plus $3.00/image
Group shot fee - Up to 5 items = $3.00/item
Group shot fee - 11 to 20 items = $2.00/item
Soft goods and apparel prep = $6.00/item
Tool prep and assembly = $4.00/item

Composition Images - Shots of individual items merged into a single tiff producing a composite group image
Up to 10 images = $3.00 per image
11-20 items = $2.00 per image

Terms & Conditions
DPNs issues an exclusive license for unlimited use of the images we produce with the single restriction that our clients may not sell or distribute images to photo wholesalers or image galleries.

25% down with order
25% due upon approval
Balance due on delivery of images
Shipping charges are the responsibility of the client.

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